AI Ethics Expert Network

The world’s leading organisations trust our network of AI Ethics experts to help them move forward

Network Members connect with our clients in a Trusted Environment and with an entirely tailored experience — over the phone or in person, through virtual events, or longer-term projects or board opportunities. Positions and project participation are always at Network Member’s discretion.

The world of AI ethics and responsible AI can be difficult for organisations and institutions to navigate. With so many laws, rules, options and pitfalls, it makes sense to speak to the experts. MKAI has invited the world's leading experts in AI from consultancies, academia and industry to join our expert network. In doing so they are making themselves directly available to organisations that need to learn more about the methods, best practices and activities needed to be compliant, responsible and ethical.

The MKAI AI Ethics Expert Network Service offers our clients:

- Real-World Expertise

- Focused Research Methodologies

- Personalized Service

- Timely Delivery

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