Agent Simulator Offers Secret Agent Training With A VR FPS On Quest App Lab

Agent Simulator promises action-packed secret agent training through a VR FPS, and it’s available now on Quest.

Created by Turkish developer Studio Gamebit (Naau: The Lost Eye), Agent Simulator previously appeared as a demo on SideQuest. Now available on App Lab, this FPS is described as an “action, simulation, and strategy game in which each player shows their targeting skills and agility against enemies in a virtual environment.” Here’s the trailer.

Agent Simulator treats every mission as a race against time, awarding medals and certificates that go towards receiving an agent license. It assesses your performance by your speed and accuracy as you kill every enemy, earning more points for headshot. Every level also includes three regularly changing options, such as double bullets, double damage, slowing time down, blocking bullets, extra lives and more.

Agent Simulator is available now on the Meta Quest platform, and a Steam release is planned for Q4 2024.