MKAI is shaping and sharing the potential of Artificial Intelligence

The MKAI community is an eclectic group that engages in open conversation about important themes in AI, such as; ethics, responsibility, fairness, sustainability, breakthroughs, impact on society and people, inclusivity. 

Our strength comes from the fact that we come from different walks of life, with different expertise inside and outside of AI, giving us the diversity we think global AI needs to succeed.

We don’t focus on being ‘right’. Instead, we learn, listen, explore…always with kindness.

AI needs all of us, and all of us need AI. 

Steering Group

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Founder and Chair

Jaisal Surana

Steering Group Leader

Tim Teece

Steering Group Leader

What people say about

To be a part of the MKAI community is such a privilege. Every person in the group is very active, and I learn new things every day.
Nyrika B R
I recently spoke at an MKAI event - and it couldn't possibly have been a better experience for the participants (or for me!).
Dr. JT Kostman
CEO & AI Psychologist
MKAI virtual events run so smoothly. It's just like chatting with old friends.
Joaquin Lopez Herraiz
Associate Professor
It was a great pleasure for me to work with MKAI on an AI Ethics and Responsible AI webinar. Excellent people from practice and academia together, a wonderful organization!
Christoph Lütge
Director, TUM Institute
MKAI is a great platform for knowledge sharing, holding some truly amazing events where the host is awesome, guests are very cool, with participation from such a diverse set of people. The platform truly fosters  an environment in which knowledge can be created, discovered, captured, shared, validated, transferred, adopted, adapted, and applied.
Neeraj Satpall
AI & Automation enthusiast and Managing Director, Xtrasio
I really enjoy MKAI events and want them to multiply! So many interesting projects and people to learn from. Count me in!
Karen Beraldo

MKAI Events

MKAI hosts online events to help everyone from all walks of life to increase their ‘AI fluency’.

Est. 2019


Bridget Greenwood

MKAI Associate

Georgina Hodkinson

MKAI Associate

Ghaith Sankari

MKAI Associate

Vibhav Mithal

MKAI Associate

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MKAI is aligned to the principles and visions of the following organisations:

Open Ethics is a global inclusive initiative with the mission to engage citizens, legislators, engineers, and subject-matter experts into a transparent design and deployment of solutions backed by artificial intelligence to make a positive societal impact.

MKAI is proud to support Pride in Business. Businesses that display the Pride in Business branding on their website recognise the positive benefits that a diverse workforce brings to their organisations, and wish to show current and potential employees, their customers and their suppliers that they are fully supportive of diversity, inclusion and the LGBTQ+ community.