Est. 2019

MKAI is an inclusive community of diverse thinkers that, together, are shaping the future of Ethical Artificial Intelligence, Web3 and the Metaverse.

Our diversity is our strength


Our vision is to connect diverse minds and deliver impactful community-led projects that make artificial intelligence (AI), Web3 and the Metaverse more inclusive, accessible and rooted in sustainable human values.

Our Services

The MKAI team, community and network support global projects through our work:

1. Identifying and mitigating AI harms and risks through our diverse perspectives stakeholder community
2. Working with Artificial Intelligence businesses to co-devise methods to include morality, accountability and ethics
3. Fostering responsible AI and Web3 developments for Governments

Our work is intended to create a kinder, fairer and more sustainable world.

Our Story

MKAI stands for Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. We started MKAI to help artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiasts connect. When COVID led us online and our global community emerged, we realised that we had a unique and time-critical opportunity to shape the global narrative around the responsible development of AI.

We formed with inclusion and kindness at the heart of everything we do to create safe discussion spaces for everyone to learn and talk about the opportunities, risks and harms of AI and Web3.

MKAI is a bridge, for all, into the vital conversations about AI and Web3 development and regulation and we use the diverse perspectives that we generate to catalyse projects that place these new ideas into businesses and society.


MKAI hosts online events to help everyone, from all walks of life, to increase their knowledge and understanding of how emerging technologies and their convergence are shaping our lives, societies, culture, environment and businesses.

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What people are saying about MKAI

MKAI is a great inclusive community. It has been a great pleasure to interact with the community on AI ethics & policy on many occasions and I am always happy to be involved. I really like the fact that the community is open to all perspectives and not afraid to ask the hard questions on AI.
Merve Hickok
Founder at AIethicist.org
MKAI is a fantastic organization which continually succeeds in bringing together some of the most striking talent in the, privacy and AI space. This is a unique organization that brings together multidisciplinary thinkers from all over the globe to collaborate and learn from one another. I am always thrilled to work with MKAI and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to dig deep into AI.
Debbie Reynolds
The Data Diva
MKAI is one of the best AI knowledge sharing platforms I've had the pleasure to be part of.
Dr. Daniel Hulme
Chief AI Officer at WPP