About the Report

This report is the culmination of our efforts, synthesising the key takeaways from both summits. It’s a comprehensive blueprint for collective action, detailing practical recommendations that span various sectors.

Navigating AI’s Future: A Comparative Analysis of AI Ethics and Safety Summits

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the pivotal AI safety summits held in Bletchley, offering an in-depth look at the ethical considerations and practical governance strategies discussed. It contrasts the UK Government’s high-level summit with MKAI’s inclusive People’s Summit, conveying the urgency for concrete action in AI ethics and safety.

The report details tangible recommendations for businesses, policymakers, scientists and individuals to steer AI’s trajectory responsibly. It highlights the need for diverse and transparent AI development, human oversight of AI systems, multi-stakeholder participation in AI governance, and robust regulations.

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About the MKAI AI Safety - People's Summit

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly influencing every facet of our lives, from healthcare to education, it’s vital to steer its development and application with a focus on ethics and safety. This is why MKAI, an independent organisation with a diverse global community, took the initiative to host the MKAI AI Ethics and Safety – People’s Summit, paralleling the UK government’s AI Safety Summit.

Our motivation was clear: to amplify voices beyond the usual circles of government bodies, tech giants, and large institutions. We sought to bring forward the perspectives of AI specialists, enthusiasts, and concerned citizens from across the world. The summit successfully drew in 400 participants from 38 different countries, creating a rich tapestry of insights, concerns, and innovative ideas.

Global AI Safety Gatherings in Bletchley Spotlight Ethics and Governance

Two high-profile artificial intelligence (AI) safety summits were recently held in Bletchley, UK in November 2023 – one convened by the UK Government and the other by MKAI (Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence). The Government’s summit brought together political leaders and industry experts, culminating in the Bletchley Declaration endorsed by 28 nations. In contrast, MKAI’s “People’s Summit” engaged a diverse, international array of over 400 specialists and citizens.

Whilst the Government summit secured commitments for collaboration on AI safety, MKAI’s gathering emphasised community-rooted perspectives and practical strategies for ethical AI governance. The MKAI discussions spanned topics like algorithmic bias audits, educational programmes to improve AI literacy, and policies to incentivise ethical R&D. The attached report provides a comparative analysis of the dual summits and details MKAI’s solutions-focused approach.

Key insights include the need for inclusive AI development teams, human oversight of AI systems, transparency through explainable AI, and multi-stakeholder participation in shaping AI’s trajectory. The report conveys an urgency for immediate action in AI ethics and safety through robust regulations, safety standards, and public awareness campaigns. It highlights MKAI’s role as a leader in facilitating constructive dialogues between policymakers, businesses, and citizens to steer AI’s evolution responsibly.



MKAI serves as a capacity-building organisation focused on the ethical and responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

We are committed to cultivating authentic and forthright conversations about the ethical and safety implications of artificial intelligence.

We facilitate these crucial discussions, both in the public sphere and within organisations, ensuring a platform for open and meaningful exchange.


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