2018 Rewind: What are new possibilities?

If modern VR technology plants seeds in 2016, then 2018 would be the year to see it thriving. If 2018 is remembered for something, it will be the pioneering VR creators who are exploring the new storytelling on the forefront. If we need to summarize VeeR’s 2018 with one word, it would be “POSSIBILITY”.


We are honored to have tremendous talented VR  creators like you on VeeR. You let us breathtaking views that we’ve never seen, attended concerts as if we were there, fulfilled our childhood dream of being an astronaut.


You let us 

imagine feel the thrill

see breathe underwater 

hear attend a rock show

follow take the step

feel the defy gravity

dream of party in wonderland

see seize the moment


Our 2018 rewind is to pay a tribute to all of our outstanding creators. What you have done will guide the fresh blood to cut through the wind and waves on their way towards. What you haven’t done is still unknown, but it will be the future.


Seat back and enjoy the VeeR 2018 rewind with your VR headset. Stay tuned with VeeR and find out new possibilities that VR will bring to you in 2019! You can download VeeR VR in your Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality,  Google Daydream, Steam VR and Lenovo Mirage Solo to enjoy the premium 360/VR contents.



Thank you for your trust and support for VeeR in 2018.

We wish you have an amazing 2019!

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